Can i use VS Code on Lubunto 20.04?

I am trying to find an operating system suitable for an old notebook that I have, if possible, I would like to use application development with Visual Studio Code and NodeJs.

The notebook has a 1.7Ghz processor and 2GB of RAM. I chose Lubunto 20.04 because it is light and has a good performance but without knowing what type of support it provided for development.

I would like to know if I can use VS Code on it and Node, if not, do you have any alternative for web development and simple applications?

Thank you very much

Any software that is available for Ubuntu is also available for Lubuntu since they share the same base and repositories.
VScode is not directly available in the Ubuntu archive but it is very easy to install via several methods.

  1. It is available for direct .deb download on the website
  2. It is available in the snap store
  3. It is available as a flatpak in the flathub repo

All 3 of those methods install the proprietary VScode, alternatively there is an opensource (MIT License) build called VScodium.

Node.js has a couple of options available as well.

Happy coding!


Thank you very much

I managed to install both through the terminal

I just hope my notebook can run them well

Best Regards

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