Can I make qterminal download fast

I usually download things terminal first download all thing and then it extract can I make terminal to download simultaneously install in another thread it might reduce installation time ?if not let me know. :slight_smile:

It might help if you’re more specific. By download I assume you mean wget or equivalent.

As for installation, we don’t know what types of packages you’re asking about (deb, snap, or forms of binaries), or asking about source code you’ll compile. The binary type files usually aren’t downloaded first though (but download & install performed by a single apt or snap command; apt already having some inbuilt capacity to download multiple at a time).

In years past I used to download multiple files at the same time (multiple wget commands running in different threads) but for most downloads it just wasn’t worth it, as the weakest point was my available bandwidth and so the end result was negligible difference (multiple downloading at a slower pace than a single one at a faster pace, also any savings of download time was lost should a download have failed, as it took longer to correct this than the minimal saving in my estimation).

You haven’t told us your release details, but you can easily increase speed often just by changing mirror if that’s your issue (see to find a mirror close to you). This is usually easier, esp. if it’s debs that are slow.

I’ll also provide as a possible howto to download multiple files using wget (which is how I read your question as you weren’t specific), but it was at the top of a search enquiry so I only quickly scanned it.

In my own case I gave up on it as not worth it; the savings were minimal, and usually less than my checking it all worked as expected & fixing the odd issue. If it’s a slow mirror, I’d change mirror as previously suggested.

Note: snaps are slow to download, and I never tested multiple downloads of snap packages; I rarely add them and it’s only chromium that I notice refreshing, but these may make it worthwhile if you’ve got many to download/install (ie. snap download). If you want to know more about ways to speed up, download, control etc. snap packages, popey (Alan Pope) has had some great recent blogs about the topic, eg. see here for just one.

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