Calamares can't install bootloader

Hello iam going in crazy i try to install efi but i get error on grub-install return code error 1.
Now installer calamares ask me to make new partition ok
On manual it say make ESP flag (that flag dont exist) on efi fat 32…

I make fat32 300mb with efi/boot mount point and i select flag boot
After i do a ext4 with the rest of internal HD (its about 28GiB).
The calamares copy all file to the partition but cant install bootloader.
Now i can make manually the grub install with efi?
Why calamares if i use erase make more than 2 partitons? Please help me iam going in mad

I’ll provide a link to an answer on

How the installer appears on screen differs slightly depending on version (for Lubuntu users that can mean release of Lubuntu) but have a look.

The grub-install can have issues on some specific firmware settings on some hardware (firmware malware protection can prevent it from working) thus if you have such security enabled, it’ll need to be disabled to install a new OS.


To add to the above, you could take the simple path and just let the installer use the whole disk. I find, at the end of the day, no reason for advanced partitioning.

Now, this is a useless suggestion if you actually need advanced partitioning. So, take it with a grain of salt.


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