By Accident or Serendipity

I got here when looking for Lubuntu for a couple of old computers I use. Had upgraded from 12.04 to 14 to 16 and to 18 - and lost use of my flatbed scanner on SCSI card, etc. Finally found a Lubuntu 14.04 disk in a pile of old CD’s. From a ‘Live’ boot It supported both the symbios 53c810 card with Umax Vista-S6 scanner that I use on an old Pentium 4 Compaq and a Fujitsu 4120c2 sheetfed USB scanner. So I installed 14.04 and then uploaded it to since the image of that cd seems to have disappeared from the web.
Been using Linux on and off since 1992 or so when I downloaded Slackware from a military computer in Dayton OH. Doesn’t make me an expert or programmer, just a long time fan.

It’s on Archive again but you DO NOT want to use 14.04.

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