Build chromium or electron for Lubuntu

Hello All,

I am working on a project and evaluating some S905X3 based boards. The client wants to display mutiple web pages with videos(not necessarily audio in all videos being played) with Bluetooth connectivity and Wifi 2T2R.

Any ideas if frameworks like Chromium or Electron can be deployed on lubuntu on Arm S905X3s with decent performance, using wayland or XWindows with GPU acceleration for video and graphics.We have deployed lectron and chromium before on embedded devices and know the effort involved.

Any thoughts appreciated. Our idea would be to build the whole OS image from scratch on an x86_64 machine

I’ve moved this from Support to Off-topic, as you mention a number of things we currently do not support.

Lubuntu is amd64 architecture only; we use LXQt using X.Org and not LWQt using Wayland…


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