[BUG] Forum does not send email signup link


Just reaching out to let you know that I have tried for a week to signup on the forum with a username/password (not Github). No email confirmation link is ever received. There is a problem with the service sending the signup email link.

I finally gave up and signed up with the Github oauth.

Thank you

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It’s safe to assume you checked your spam/trash folders and settings?

It may also help to know what email provider(s) you used - just in case.


Yes nothing is coming through in spam as well. It is an outlook.com email address.

To add to this, now that I am signed up regular notification emails are not sending also so it appears to be a general issue instead of just signup.

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Same problem with Outlook, I have also added it as a trusted domain but it never arrives. Neither to spam.

It seems that other addresses do not fail, so it seems that the failure may be Outlook.

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To add to this, all these days later, this is what I use to get my mail past your spam filters:

If there’s a ‘send test mail’ option for the admins, you send an email to the temporary address listed and they spit out results, telling you how to fix it. The best you can score is a 10, which my sites do. Even weird stuff like putting an address in the footer will help get you through the various filters out there.