[BUG] Forum does not send email signup link


Just reaching out to let you know that I have tried for a week to signup on the forum with a username/password (not Github). No email confirmation link is ever received. There is a problem with the service sending the signup email link.

I finally gave up and signed up with the Github oauth.

Thank you

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It’s safe to assume you checked your spam/trash folders and settings?

It may also help to know what email provider(s) you used - just in case.


Yes nothing is coming through in spam as well. It is an outlook.com email address.

To add to this, now that I am signed up regular notification emails are not sending also so it appears to be a general issue instead of just signup.

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Same problem with Outlook, I have also added it as a trusted domain but it never arrives. Neither to spam.

It seems that other addresses do not fail, so it seems that the failure may be Outlook.

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