Booting error kernel panic

Hello, I was attempting to install lubuntu 22.04.3 LTS on an old Compaq PC from 2007 with an Intel Pentium E2140, 1 GB of ddr2 memory, and around 300 GB HDD of storage, the computer currently has Windows 10 for some reason and is running (more like walking) insanely slow (still somewhat usable depending on your patience).

But problems arose when it would give me a kernel panic error after I entered “Try or install Lubuntu” in the grub loader, I’ve made sure my iso was the correct checksum, and I’ve downloaded the iso a couple more times (still checking the checksums), tried multiple USB sticks, tried BalenaEtcher and Rufus. With Rufus, I tried writing the iso onto the drive with both iso (image mode) and DD mode, which did not work.
In the grub loader, I also tried the safe graphics install… nothing. and I also ran a memory test which passed with no errors.
I’ve tried searching this up and I’ve seen some other people with the same problems but I’m not sure if many of them had their problems resolved or just gave up.
I did try asking chatGPT and it recommended that I add “nomodeset” and “forcepae” at the end of the “Linux” line when pressing “e” to edit when at the grub menu.

I think I’ve tried almost everything I could find but I’m still stuck with the same boot kernel panic error, I’m really hoping someone could help me out here!

I couldn’t upload my pictures and videos here so ill just put them in a GitHub repository.
LtCouchCammander/Lubuntu-Pictures-Video: Some of the pictures and videos i took of my pc trying to boot and install lubuntu (

For starting using an USB drive try Ventoy.
In BIOS disable secure boot and other options.
For test start the ISO not having any HDD or SDD on machine and see what happen …
Try test the RAM.

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