Boot pb after new install

Hi I just installed lubuntu on my old windows portable, installed with option erase full disk and crypt (installation was done in French, sorry if the English terms are not exactly the same). After reboot I was asked to enter my decrypt pwd, then some few messages occurred too quick to be able to read them… then the only thing I got was the grub> prompt (not a very ergonomic version of lubuntu ;-)), so please what next ?

thanks in advance

You’ve not provided any release details; which are the starting point for assistance.

You mention French, which makes the warnings found in the release notes come to mind, eg. for Lubuntu 21.10 there is this issue

Entry of encyption passphrases created with non US keyboard layouts results in failure to decrypt at boot after installation.

When installing the Lubuntu system using a non US keyboard layout and encryption, it may result in being unable to decrypt your volume when rebooting the system. Full disk encryption resulted in the GRUB boot loader being unable to read your language choices at boot until after you’ve provided the unlock key, meaning users being dropped into the GRUB rescue shell.

but you’ve not mentioned your release, so that may or may not be your issue. Did you read the release notes for your unstated release of Lubuntu?


Sorry, I installed the 20.04 LTS
The pb seems to be the one you found in the releases notes of the 21.10, but I’m still stuck in my grub prompt :frowning: So what next please ? Reboot + reenter my pwd with a qwerty mapping ? Then how to definitively fix that kb problem ?
Thanks in advance for help

Yeah, @leok confirmed Lubuntu 20.04 LTS is impacted by that issue too (comment #7) and thus we’ll have to try and remember to add it in Lubuntu 20.04.5 release notes.

The installer we use, calamares don’t see it as an issue as most distributions don’t encrypt their /boot system which allows easier decryption (ie. loading of country details & non-qwerty keyboards) but yeah it’s a problem for us as we don’t want to lower quality of encryption like most thus the wishlist tag in that bug report.

I can think of one less-than-ideal way around it, but being a dumb-aussie I struggle enough with English, and haven’t given this much thought. I won’t provide anything though, in hopes someone who doesn’t use only qwerty/english may have thought about it & thus has a neater solution that me.


Thanks again, yes it seems to be an old bug, a pity it is not in the 20.04 release notes.
I made a full reinstall and removed some security check from bios setup and everything is ok now, but I do not have an encrypted disk :frowning:


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