Bluetooth headphones not recognized

Same laptop, same headphones device:
blueman-manager works on Fedora but not on Lubuntu !

Maybe due to the newer kernel of the first of what ?

Maybe this driver missing ?

We currently don’t know what Lubuntu release you’re using, if it’s using the latest kernel available (6.8), or your release has kernel stack choices (ie. you can use older/newer kernels; with your default set by install media) so we can’t help much as we don’t know what options exist for you.

The newest kernel, but I was not sure of the importance of the kernel for the bluetooth scan in the first place.
I will write more details soon, but anyway, are you suggesting anything against installing that driver? Imho it seems a good first thing to do…

Sorry I was wrong, I have not the latest kernel but now the problem has been magically resolved without upgrading the kernel and without installing any driver. I’m sorry that I can’t explain it better for other users. It looks like I rebooted into Fedora, connected after waiting the scanner maybe longer than what I or LUbuntu did and the I’m back in LUbuntu now and it works.

Ok, thanks for your prompt support, we can close this, awesome.

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