Becoming a Lubuntu Contributor & Member

David or @KGIII is our most recent Lubuntu member, and has written a blog where he talks about the journey.

I think it’s a good read, and maybe of benefit to those who’d like to contribute, and lightly covers some of the benefits that can come from contributions.

Sure our Lubuntu/Ubuntu membership benefits (such as email, member badge on site etc) maybe nice, but the real benefits are intangible (pride in helping get a great product out, providing good support for that product, helping others to achieve their goals etc).

It includes a recommended link that will helpful if you’d like to start QA-testing. If you have any questions, as always please just ask.


It makes me happy to be surrounded by such wonderful teammates. :blush: Thanks for your contributions thus far @KGIII and the mentorship from @guiverc and @leok. I look forward to the future in the Lubuntu project.


I think the ‘intangible’, or perhaps ‘uncountable’ benefits are the best. Yeah, there’s the email address - but there’s also the pride (for lack of a better word) of having that address. I don’t really expect to use that address for anything, but it’s nice to have it.

It’s also a vote of confidence. In the article, I mention some serious Impostor Syndrome going on. It’s quite a step to say, ‘my peers’. I’ve spent a whole lot of time in and around academia and this feels perhaps a little similar to other accomplishments.

It’s also a rather small club. I’m not sure how many folks are currently Lubuntu Members - but it can’t be all that many. Being an optimist, that means it’s a pretty exclusive club. Being voted into membership was a rather nice rush of endorphins.

As for the site linked, that’d be my project. I plan on an article every other day for a full year, and I’m more than halfway there. However, it seems pretty likely that I’ll keep going with it.

I recall reading something about a ‘mentor’ (though that may be a Debian thing) and I could ask for no better mentor than @guiverc and would likely have taken even longer (or perhaps not done so at all) without the urging of @leok.

I consider this just the start of a journey. As I continue to learn, I hope to be a better asset to the community. To touch on that for a moment, the community as a whole that attracted me. Y’all are a helpful bunch of people, and far more knowledgeable than I’ll ever be.

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I am particularly excited for LXQt 1.0. That seems like a major milestone. I was hesitant at first, but transferring to LXQt has done good things for the distro and the distro’s future.


Sounds like you guys keep getting better and better. Much congrats to you man. Thank you for your contributions! :partying_face:


Welcome to our small group of people, this is a great Project!!!


Thanks to both, and @That_Random_Guy there’s always room for more testers!

It’s mostly mundane and a bit tedious, but someone’s gotta do it.


Thank you all team. But how to become member of this plz tell me?

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Our wiki page describes the path to membership and what it means to be a member.