Autorotate in Lubuntu

After asking in the support section about autorotation, nobody had a very satisfying answer. So my solution was to have some manual scripts which I tied to keyboard shortcuts. But that solution was far from ideal!

That’s why I’ve been tinkering at an solution that would be much more suited for modern day. Something that would rotate automatically by the orientation sensor.

And last week I’ve put the finishing touch to version 1.0 of autorotate-sam (Screen And Mice):

It might be far from perfect (for instance it doesn’t disable the screen lock when the keyboard is disabled, or the systray doesn’t have a tooltip), but at least according to my engineering there is a fallback built in.

Now this is a mere bash script and I don’t know if it would gain performance by rewritten it in a different language, but please take a look. I’m quite proud at what I’ve made :blush:


It’s really good work you did. Unfortunately, I can’t really test it all that well as I don’t have the right hardware, but I’m sure someone will be made very happy by this. That said, I’m sure you can get better performance with any lower level language, so if you could figure out how to do this in C(++) I think it would be way better.