Automatic Updates in Lubuntu 18.04

Is there a way to turn off a single update in automatic updates?
Iḿ reminded everyday to take a security update for a piece of software that I don´t use. I just want to turn that one off. I don´t want to uninstall it.

You could always use apt-mark to put a ‘hold’ on the package you want to keep, so the update would sit in the queue and be unable to be installed (it’d likely just change the nagging; ie. you have held packages with updates detected but not offered for upgrade due to hold).

You haven’t said what package. Before I put a hold on a package, I’d look at why it was installed, what depended on it, and try and guess the consequences of what the ‘hold’ would do. You mention not using it, but is it a library of package you use indirectly for example.

It is Firefox web browser, I don´t use it nor really want it. I don´t want to uninstall it because I don´t know if it tied into the O/S.
Just want the updates to stop.
Thanks for your help.

You can simply uninstall Firefox: sudo apt purge firefox && sudo apt autoremove --purge

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Thanks, Was unsure, did not want to break the O/S.
Thanks again for your speedy reply.

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