Audio will not play after new installation

I built a computer as a gift for a friend of mine. After I had installed Lubuntu 23.10 on the system, I noticed that I couldn’t hear any sound from the speakers on my television/monitor. I tried changing displays (from an Insignia NS-LCD19 to a Vizio E65-E1) to see if I could fix it that way, but changing devices did not work. Then, I looked into the PulseAudio settings to see if maybe I had my speakers muted. Everything in the settings seems to be okay, so I don’t know what my issue is here.

What could my problem be, and how can I fix this? Here are the system’s specifications:

Operating System: Lubuntu 23.10
Mainboard: Gigabyte Z790 UD AC (rev. 1.0) (BIOS version F9d)
Processor: Intel Core i5-12600KF
Memory: Kingston Fury Beast 4800MHz DDR5 8GB × 4
Graphics Card: Sparkle Intel Arc A770 Titan OC Edition - 16GB
Solid State Drive: Western Digital WD_BLACK 1TB SN770 NVMe

Current Monitor: Vizio 65" 4K@120Hz (Model: E65-E1)

You has accessed PulseAudio Volume Control ?
There has in configuration the devices output audio signal.

I saw the output as HDMI 0 and HDMI 1. The model or name of my television did not appear in the settings.

Not problem if not is showed your tv model name.
Selecting HDMI-0 works ? Test selecting both HDMI-0 and 1.

Just as a heads up, I’m no longer using Lubuntu 23.10 on my system. Unfortunately, this computer was meant to be a gift to a friend and my time was very limited. However, I can confirm that the issue is not hardware related. Windows 11 plays audio fine, so there seems to be an issue with the drivers or other software related to Linux.

I had selected both options. Neither HDMI 0 or 1 produced any results, really.

Perhaps need dependencies … You need post in Ubuntu forums too.
You has done an sudo apt update and after accessed in menu preferences “Additional Drivers” ? After was done sudo apt update in additional drivers show any option to select ?

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