An annoyance about the "Save As" dialog and Enter key

I’ve noticed that it is handy to use keyboard to navigate the directory tree in the Save As dialogs of graphical operating systems. Usually (e.g. on MS Windows and on LXDE-based Lubuntu) it works so that when you select a directory with cursor keys and hit Enter, the directory opens. However, on this Lubuntu 22.04.2, pressing Enter ends the directory traversal and saves the file into the selected directory (not the one already open but the one that I intended to enter by pressing Enter). There seems to be no way to traverse the directory tree with keyboard but mouse is required to enter then next level of subdirectory.

What do you think about that feature? Do you agree with my perception that it would be “more standard”, i.e. more consistent with other graphical UIs, if Enter key opened the selected subdirectory?

In my use, the annoyance comes from that if I’m not careful, files easily get saved before I get into the intended directory and then I have to go with file manager to move the file into the intended place – and often also rename the file it if it got saved too early as something like Untitled.

Thanks for your consideration of this feedback.

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Yes, that can be annoying. I filed a bug report.


Thanks, humpty! Your high-quality bug report also reveals a helpful work-around: If the name field is cleared before directory traversal, the problem goes away. The default name, such as “Untitled”, is usually replaced anyway.

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