Am I the only one who has had zsync issues lately?

For whatever reason, it doesn’t recognize that there’s a local file and then download the differences. Instead, it gives a message to that effect and then downloads the full .iso.

Am I alone in this? If I’m not alone, I’ve ‘solved’ the issue.

I resolved it with the following command:

zsync -i ~/Downloads/jammy-desktop-amd64.iso

If it’s not clear, the -i flag is specifying the seed file manually. This works perfectly, so I have a workaround. It has been like this for the past few daily builds. I’ll likely just use this/similar from here on out just to avoid the hassle.


I have not had any issues with zsync. Works just fine for me.

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Weird. Maybe it just hates me? I dunno, but I have it sorted out with a fix. So, I’ve got that going for me!