Alt+Tab to switch windows on current desktop only?

I have just reinstalled from Lubuntu 17.10 to 20.04 and I noticed that when I press Alt+Tab, windows from all the desktops are shown. I would expect to see the windows from the active desktop only.

My workflow is rather complex, which is what motivates users to put multiple windows on multiple virtual desktops: one desktop being used for communication, another for data processing, then software development, remote connection, documentation, web searches etc. The default behaviour of the window manager (Openbox?) completely negates the advantage of multiple desktops. Alt+Tab became virtually unusable for me.

Not only it is a change from the previous Lubuntu version behaviour, but I could not find any way to switch it back. This is really a very unwelcome surprise!

  1. Could anybody give me a tip, please?
  2. Should Lubuntu’s default behaviour be switched back, towards desktop-aware Alt+Tab?

I eventually found it: in the file ~/.config/openbox/lxqt-rc.xml one has to change lines 261 and 271 to:


Still, I consider this issue to be a rather major bug in user experience, which can be considered as not closed until it is really fixed (both in default settings for a new user, and in the capabilities of the GUI settings as well).


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