Advice: will this CPU run Lubuntu 20.04?

I’ve got an old Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 (I believe) that I’m wondering if I can install the new Lubuntu on. The CPU info follows. I’m sorry — I can’t work out it if it is 64-bit capable, of whether I need to install a 32-bit OS on it. Thanks for any help with this!

Name		: Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor         1.40GHz
Family, model, stepping		: 6, 13, 8 (Pentium III/Pentium III Xeon/Celeron)
Vendor		: Intel
Cache Size		: 1024kb
Frequency		: 1393.30MHz
BogoMIPS		: 2786.59
Byte Order		: Little Endian
FDIV Bug		: no
HLT Bug		: no
F00F Bug		: no
Coma Bug		: no
Has FPU		: yes
Cache information not available
fpu		: Floating Point Unit
vme		: Virtual 86 Mode Extension
de		: Debug Extensions - I/O breakpoints
pse		: Page Size Extensions (4MB pages)
tsc		: Time Stamp Counter and RDTSC instruction
msr		: Model Specific Registers
pae		: Physical Address Extensions
mce		: Machine Check Architeture
cx8		: CMPXCHG8 instruction
apic		: Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
mtrr		: Memory Type Range Registers
pge		: Page Global Enable
mca		: Machine Check Architecture
cmov		: Conditional Move instruction
clflush		: Cache Line Flush instruction
dts		: Debug Store
acpi		: Thermal Monitor and Software Controlled Clock
mmx		: MMX technology
fxsr		: FXSAVE and FXRSTOR instructions
sse		: SSE instructions
sse2		: SSE2 (WNI) instructions
ss		: Self Snoop
tm		: Thermal Monitor
pbe		: Pending Break Enable
up		: smp kernel running on up
bts		: Branch Trace Store

It needs the lm flag to do 64 bit.

Hmm… I assume this is a “no”, then - it won’t run latest Lubuntu. :slightly_frowning_face: Which is a wee shame!

Thanks for the quick reply, all the same. Much appreciated!

Right. It’s a no. I would suggest you consider looking at Debian as an alternative.

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