Adding quicklaunch items via drag-n-drop does not work

I’v observed it a long time, even before 23.04 was released, but forgot about it. Now I am using Lubuntu a bit more often from scratch, and I had hoped it was a glitch at some time in the daily development releases of 23.04. But it persisted, seems. Pity.

Or does it need to be enabled somewhere?

IMHO this DnD behaviour is as a very intuitive and very appealing feature.

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It’s a little finicky AND I do not have a 23.04 install handy, but I do have 22.04 and the next release (Mantic) available for testing.

I can drag and drop icons to the panel with relative ease - because I’ve done it before, I suppose. It should work with your version, but it can be finicky.

Try adding them to the left-hand side of the quick launch panel, near the menu button (assuming a default configured panel). Try securely dragging them (keeping that left mouse button pressed) and go slowly. It should show a red cross thingy when you can’t drop it there and a green thingy when you can drop it there.

Yes, thingy is the proper nomenclature.

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Thank you for your very accurate description. Nice. Almost ready to include it in the manual.

I have used this feature many times (on Lubuntu prior to 23.04, and currently on Debian too), and I am very well aware of the clumsiness of the user interaction.

I am running Lubuntu 23.04 in VirtualBox, not on real hardware. Maybe some problem with VirtualBox’s display driver?

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Maybe - but when I test 23.10 it is in VirtualBox and not on regular hardware.

Well, I test regular hardware too - but the point being that it works in VirtualBox.

A picture

Hmm… The image doesn’t appear to be showing up.

Click this:

As you’ll see, I’ve dragged a number of shortcuts to the panel.

BUT - that’s in 23.10 and not 23.04. So, I can’t vouch for that. Maybe someone else has a copy still handy and can check? My bandwidth is, shall we say, quite limited.

I can only confirm what I have here. That’s 23.10 in VirtualBox.

Lemme check my archives and add another comment in a few minutes.


Alright, that was faster than I expected. I have a Lunar .iso from April 10, 2023.

This is it in Virtualbox:

I had no issues dragging and dropping.

That’s not quite the final release of 23.04, but it’s REALLY close.

Which leads me to being unable to conclude why you’re unable to do this.

Sorry about that. I can only confirm what I have here and what I see here.

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I’ll just give my usage.

I’m on lunar or Lubuntu 23.04 currently; which is what this install was made with, and I’ve experienced no issues.

I’ve purchased a few machines this year, thus have installed jammy (22.04), lunar (23.04) & even mantic (what will be 23.10) and I’ve not noticed any issues (excluding it needs precise movement of mouse); on real hardware anyway.

It’s easier I find on some hardware, but that’s only because of the hardware (form factors relating to screen, resolution, mouse/trackpad precision of movement, and even having the right glasses on can help sometimes [oldish operator issue])


Thank you all for your reactions and efforts. It just does not work here, on different PC’s with VB6.1 and VB7. When I hold the left mouse button on a menu item, and drag it outside the rectangular box (the line of the item in the menu), the red stop sign thingy does not appear. So, I just can’t move it to the quicklaunch area.

It does not bother me. I know how to work my way around it on the command line. But it is weird.

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How bizarre…

I’m also using VBox 7.0 for my testing. (Just to confirm it.)

I have no idea what it could be, as to why it wouldn’t work for you. I absolutely believe you can’t do it and that you’ve tried everything, I just can’t replicate it on my end.

Well, I’ve retried it again. Downloaded an ISO from the website, and used it to install a system in VB6.1 this time, on another machine.

The DnD still does not work. It must be something in the ISO.

It’s a pity.

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