Accessibility for part paralysed user

I’m helping a friend who only has use of his left hand and has limited vision. He can’t use Ctrl ++ to increase screen size or Ctrl and mouse wheel. Can anyone help please?

I’ve moved this to off-topic, as the oldest release of Lubuntu that is supported is currently Lubuntu 20.04 LTS, and your tagging 18.04 implies you’re likely asking about a LXDE system, where Lubuntu supports only LXQt now.

FYI: I can adjust the display of this page (web browser) on my system using only my left hand, though I’m using a supported Lubuntu system (and used only Ctrl>+ using the right Ctrl key)


Many thanks for your response. I understand. And for suggesting the right Ctrl key and + as this is a combination my friend can manage and he will find it very useful. Best wishes, David. P.S. it’s obvious now you mention it - but I didn’t think of it. D.


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