A new name for PCManFM-QT?

“PCManFM-QT” must be the only file manager with a name so complicated (in terms of switching back and forth between the Shift key etc) that I actually find it easier to just type “the file manager” than the proper name. :grin: Even when speaking, “the file manager” is still easier than saying “PCManFM-QT”.

“Thunar”, “Nemo”, even “Nautilus” roll off the fingers (and the tongue) much more easily than “PCManFM-QT”. Now I know this isn’t really the place but isn’t it high time to start campaigning for a snappier name? I suspect when it comes to distros that ship with PCManFM-QT by default, Lubuntu is probably the 800lb gorilla and could influence the developer in that direction.

I don’t have anything against the developer, hell I even tried out and enjoyed his live CD (“Pud”?) in the noughties where IIRC his file manager debuted. (I might even still have it burned on a mini-CDR in a drawer somewhere, next to my Edgy Shipit CDs. Yes, I still have those :slight_smile: .)

And I understand the etymology: he’s good with personal computers (“PC”) so chose as his user name “PCMan”, he made a file manager (“FM”) and then converted from building it with the Gimp Tool Kit (GTK) to building it in Trolltech’s toolkit (“QT”). Perfectly logical!

And I know if I just typed “pcmanfmqt”, you would all still know what I meant.

But can’t we just have a nicer, easier, snappier name? That’s not too much to ask, is it? :face_holding_back_tears:

(Yeah, it probably is too much to ask, thanks to something technical, like “system calls” or whatever. Still, we can dream, can’t we?)

You can take this request and the following suggestions with as much or as little seriousness as you like :slight_smile:

  • Peaceman
    Plays on the developer’s username. Keeps the initial “P” from the original name. All the warm fuzziness of a hippy saying “Peace, man!” :v: :peace_symbol: :dove:
    Eight letters, a single press & release of Shift, no other characters (i.e. no hyphen). Just two syllables when spoken (not seven like the current name, or even eight, if you pronounce the dash. Do you?)

  • Peeq
    Plays on the word “peek”, as the file manager lets you peek/glance :face_with_peeking_eye: at what files are on your computer. Keeps the initial “P” from the original name, and includes a “q” to represent the toolkit. (Maybe even have “Peeg” for the version built in GTK.)
    Also “Peeq” is not (AFAIK) a real word in a real language, thus avoiding the problems of, for example, Gnome’s naming philosophy. “Let’s call our file manager just “Files”. That will really narrow down the search results for anyone looking for info or help on that program!” /end sarcasm.
    There are a few companies out there called “Peeq”, but their business lines (furniture and lighting, sunglasses, “eyelid cleanser”?!) are different enough that it shouldn’t cause the kind of problems that forced Mozilla to change Phoenix to Firebird and then change Firebird to Firefox.
    Just 4 letters, just a single press & release of Shift, no other characters. One syllable.

  • Plaq
    Initial “P” for “PCMan”, an “l” for “LXQT”, a “q” for “QT”. Not a real word (AFAIK), but there is a French chocolate brand by that name.

  • Pwen
    I couldn’t find the Taiwan Hokkienese for “file manager”, but the various Mandarin words given online all start with 文件 wénjiàn (document, file). “Pwen” has no meaning in English or Chinese, but when pronounced like the French “point” it means “magical charge” in Haitian Créole, an important concept in voodoo. (As Haiti :haiti: is one of the few countries to recognize the Republic of China :taiwan: a.k.a. Taiwan, the developer’s homeland, why not have a name that links the two countries?)

  • Lixq
    Initial “L” for LXQT, “x” and “q” also for LXQT. Coincides with a few social-media-only brands/user names.

  • Anything but “PCManFM-QT”! PLEASE!!!

EDIT: It finally occurred to me search candidate names on Github rather than just a standard Google search. That provides a few minor software project hits for “peeq”, the other names seem essentially available.

Do you all have any opinions? Any suggestions for a new name?

Here’s a poll on the issue.

What would like to happen with the name of the file manager PCManFM-QT?

  • I think it should stay as it is
  • I think it should be changed to something easier to write and say
  • I don’t care
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PS I just realized after all this, I still got the capitalization wrong: the final “t” in “PCManFM-Qt” is lower case, not upper case!


While I don’t disagree with you, this is the wrong place to bring this up. Instead, bring it up with the LXQt folks. For what it’s worth, I don’t think we can really justify changing the name in the Ubuntu archives and only the Ubuntu archives. So if the name is going to change, it needs to change for everyone everywhere. And to do that, the actual PCManFM-Qt developers would need to authorize such a change.

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Obviously any decision on the name is for the developers to take. But the Lubuntu forum could be a useful place to start gauging the opinions of a large segment of users of said file manager.

Maybe. But it would be better to include as many people as possible, no? So make a poll upstream and link it here and any other relevant places.

I know it as name pcmanfm-qt and have no trouble typing it or remembering it.

If I’m lazy it only requires 3 letters to be typed pcm on this machine here anyway and I can autocomplete.

Of the file-managers you mentioned, I’ve always thought nemo & nautilus were the stranger names… yet for some reason I have no issue with thunar… (I wonder if nemo and nautilus make me think of sea & not anything IT related; where as pcmanfm(-qt) and thunar are pretty unique).

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I would have liked peeq. Oh well. :man_shrugging:

I personally find the naming a bit awkward. People have grilled me before on typing systemd as Systemd, so I can see how some people might expect you to type it all out as PCManFM-Qt… which is the most awkward name I’ve seen given to something so significant to a modern desktop. I’ve had to Google the name like 10 times before I eventually had it become muscle memory.

I agree with what’s been said so far… probably need to get the dev’s attention on this from more than just Lubuntu.Maybe other devs also see it the way we do.

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Short response
Just leave it as is, I’d say.

Longer response
In this age of Calimero or Jip-en-Janneke (Dutch for: overstressing to simplify things at the level that newly admitted children to the Kindergarten understand it)…

The name is just fine. It contributes rightfully to its original roots, and its subsequent move to Qt as well.

And…BTW. It is just one of the best applications I use daily.