23.10 Memory Increase

I downloaded and booted from the latest 23.10 Lubuntu .iso to give it a whirl only to find out that memory use has now shot up past 1gb sitting on an empty desktop. Wasn’t Lubuntu suppose to be for low memory systems ?

a live boot of 23.10 returns 452mb for me just now. What’s using the resources? List of the top 5 processes might shed a bit of light on it.

Tried on my ThinkPad instead and was a tad lower, but still high.

thinkpads are lovely machines, built like tanks. Thats odd, what does the memory useage say if you just do a neofetch in qterminal with no other apps open?

Free -m shows around the same, a few mb difference.

My thoughts initially were on pipewire and wireplumber as I’ve already reported to Ubuntu forums that they use so much memory.

could you do a screenshot that shows the processes that are using the memory? The one you put isn’t informative, totaling less than 100mb…htop in a terminal and put in mem useage order would do it.

Here’s the htop output sorted by memory usage, qps reported 990mb afterwards

as this is on a live boot, its difficult to work out why (hence the machines i tried on are a lot lower), maybe this is due to an nvid card if you have one, 'cause a live boot doesn’t necessarily mean all relevant drivers/firmware is being used (sddm dm figures right at the top, thats nothing to do with lxqt, its just a display manager), that will come after an install. imho, a memory check without running anything doesn’t mean anything, unless you look at a blank desktop without using it for a purpose, the lightness/efficiencyy shines through in actual use after installation effectively, and as you got 24gb ram, is having an additional 200mb being used on a live boot actually an issue? Nope, its not (I would have said that before but i didn’t clock the 24gb ram).

here’s mine at idle.

here’s mine online Lubuntu Discourse.

I just tried a live DVD version 22.04.3 LTS and it is quite a bit higher in system resource usage on my desktop although my desktop is old and decrepit.

Are you running from a DVD or USB.

I believe once installed and updated all will be well and good.

I’m just surprised that a live session for a lightweight desktop should take up as much memory as it does, and keep wondering why it’s gone up so much over the versions.

I recommend Lubuntu to users with around 1-2gb memory which is why I was asking, and when installing you really don’t want to run out of memory, lol.

I have no solid answers however these days even lightweight Linux distros seem to use more system resources than use to.

Systemd and Snap I’m sure require additional system resources over init and systemV Linux distros.

Modern Linux requires more security software which adds to more system resources being used.

I run Lubuntu comfortably on desktops with 4.0 GB memory.

I don’t know about running Lubuntu on desktops with 1.0 GB memory that would be painful imo.

That’s true, even the minimal distro’s are creeping up in size which is strange.

On my older system I’ve been testing Bodhi Linux 7.0 which is a 22.04.3 ubuntu base with a custom enlightenment desktop that only requires 250mb to run.

As it is running in ram, it will use more ram.