22.04.3-desktop Black Screens After Standard Update Notifier Patches


Just installed lubuntu-22.04.3-desktop and accepted the recommended patches via Update Notifier on first login. Rebooted when prompted. Logged back in and all I see is a black screen.

I’m running on VirtualBox. Nothing else on the OS has changed. Vanilla install.

Any idea how I can get the desktop back?


See Chapter 3.2.5 Desktop — Lubuntu Manual 22.04 documentation

Hi, this just tells you about the desktop if it loads. Nothing is loading. It’s completely black. Not even a mouse context menu, just the mouse pointer.

I think this is a bug.

I’ve had to uninstall & re-install. It was unusable. I’ll just avoid running update.

Thanks for the reply.

Then you have a different problem. I was assuming that you lost the wallpaper setting and a black background is shown.

Better avoid using unmaintained systems.

You don’t mention specifically, so I’ll ask the basic question: Can you use the GRUB boot menu to use the unpatched version, or try recovery/ safe mode? Or boot from your Live USB? The latter 2 could let you edit grub.config if it is in the default ’silent’ mode (I.e., no alternatives displayed). If so, maybe a future update will unbreak your issue.


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