20.04 Upgrade Issues

Please excuse my fumblings, new to Lubuntu. Have just upgrade pc from 19.10 to 20.04 via documented procedure for upgrading from 19.10, I did not undertake this from downloaded iso and build but from 19.10 upgrade procedure. All appeared OK just some minor querks which I am sure you gurus will answer instantly.

  1. The login scene flickers and is set to US not UK as issues in build of locale. Cant change either session or locale they just flicker. Although when in session it is the correct UK locale.
  2. When at desktop it has the previous version 19.10 Eoan Ermine splash which was confusing at first, I checked system with lsb_release does provide version 20.04 and python is 3.8.2.
    How do I resolve these issues, there does not seem to be any method on lubuntu manual etc. your help would be greatly appreciated

Please create separate issues in #support for these.

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