20.04 daily not booting from USB [solved]

For some reason, 20.04 daily would not boot from my USB drive. I used dd. same as I have for years, to copy the iso image to the flash drive. Set the block size to 1M. The drive mounts fine, and I can view the files. It just won’t boot. The PC BIOS says it’s not bootable. Can it be that the daily images have not been treated with isohybrid? In the BIOS, the PC has UEFI, but I have it set to “disabled”, maybe that’s a problem? I haven’t yet tried to boot the flash drive on another computer.

The PC has Lubuntu 17.10. I tried to install syslinux-utils, to get the isohybrid utility, only to be informed that 17.10 is no longer supported, and I should uprade to 18.04. Okay, that’s getting to be too much pain. I am not going to upgrade to 18.04 just to get isohybrid, not when I want to skip to 20.04.

Did you check the hash of the iso file against the expected SHA256 sum?

sha256sum /PATH/TO/focal-desktop-amd64.iso

i hadn’t, but if the download was corrupted, the flash drive would probably not even have a readable image. Checked just now, yes, the hash is correct, 7B54…

You didn’t really say, but can I assume that the iso has been treated, with isohybrid, and should boot?

Yeah infrastructure hasn’t changed at all. Does this relate given you are on such an ancient version? Also did you try different USB ports or a different stick? Hardware does fail.

Tried the stick on another computer. It booted. So that narrows down the problem. Maybe if I turn on UEFI boot in the BIOS?

During boot, I saw an error message “decoding failed”, saw it was about initramfs the next time I saw the text screen. The system did a scan of the flash drive and found no errors. I note also that the desktop background still says Eoan Ermine 19.10.

Okay, 20.04 on a flash drive booted on that old PC, after I completely powered it down. Sorry for bothering everyone. Did not change the UEFI setting, that is still disabled.

A long time ago, Linux kernels could make that PC turn off. At first, it was random. Might power off, might not. A few kernel updates later, power off worked every time. Then more kernel updates occurred, and power off stopped working at all. (if anyone cares, it’s a Gateway GT5628, Intel Core 2 Quad, Q6600 chipset)

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