2 part Backup Question for Lubuntu 18.04 LTS

Now that I have Lubuntu installed and configured to my liken, is there an easy way to backup all settings and configuration files that is I had to re-install (fresh), I could just import some backed up files? Including my personal data?
Can I (or) has anyone used Symantec Norton Ghost on Linux.
I have used this Image program for years on Windows with great results.

most (if not all )of your settings and configuration are in your home folder, including hidden folders which start with a “.” like .config. You can show them in pcmanfm-qt pressing ctrl+h.
But if you installed new packages, they won’t be there, but probablu their configurations and settings will.
You could try to backup all of those file and restore in a new session and see if that is enough.

Thanks, That’s what I was thinking but needed conformation.

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