Working in the LXTerminal

When working in the LXTerminal, using the command line:
ls -al What do the different colors of the file names mean?

From man ls (reference manual page for ls)

Using color to distinguish file types

You can use dircolors -p to print the colors for various file types. The output isn’t that user-friendly, the numbers represent the escape codes that that control terminal colors.

Thank you, That was very helpful. Iḿ really starting to like this system. Lots of neat hidden features.
One other question, How do you print the info in the LXTerminal window?

print the info

Do you mean print to a printer? If that’s what you mean I haven’t done that in probably decades (back when we had real line printers, (think dot-matrix) and I used > (redirect) the output to the printer device. I wouldn’t do that today with laser printers (but I guess it’s still possible).

lp will print files, and
lpq will display the printer queue.

For ages I’ve tended to copy/paste (using mouse) OR re-direct output (using “>” or tee) to a file which I massage/edit in a text editor, then print from the editor, or lp the saved file from terminal.

ls -ltrha >my_ls_output.txt

will re-direct the ls -ltrha directory output to the file called “my_ls_output.txt”. Because you re-directed the output nothing appeared on screen, so you could use

ls -ltrha |tee my_ls_output.txt

which does the same thing, but creates two outputs - one you see as normal, the second is routed to the “my_ls_output.txt” file which is what I’d use for later editing & printing when I’m ready.

fyi: “>” will erase prior contents in the file, use “>>” to append to an existing file

Thanks! I do remember the (Dot-Matrix) days.
Now I am showing my age. LOL
There are times when Iḿ in LXTerminal that I would like to print off info to read at a later time. Or even save some command line options for later use.

Thank you again for your time.

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