Window/folder default configurations in Lubuntu 20.04

Try as I might, I cannot figure out how to create default settings for folder views or how to force child folders to adopt the settings of their parent folders.

Specifically, I want 2 things:
(1) all my folders to be in Detailed List View by default. (Currently, every time I make a new folder, I have to set the view settings and then click “Preserve Settings for this Folder”.)

(2) I want the underscore symbol “_” to be recognized as an alphanumeric symbol. I used to use _ to bump files to the top of my folder list view, but cannot do it anymore as the alphanumeric ordering ignores an initial _.

Edit » Preferences » Behavior » Browsing » Default View Mode » Detailed List View

Naw, not totally true. It’s just that the default is to always put folders first. So if you’re in $HOME and have a Desktop folder and a _Desktop file, the Desktop folder will be first, along with all the other folders, before you get to that _Desktop file.

Fix this behavior by unchecking View » Sorting » Folder First.

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Thanks. Both problems solved.

I could swear I checked preferences thoroughly before.

Also, I could swear the alphanumeric order was different. I thought “_bbbb.doc” was being listed between “aaaa.doc” and “bbbb.doc” instead of between “_aaaa.doc” and “aaaa.doc”. (I even went so far as to re-name a bunch of work files with 1s and 0s to re-order them.) I was working very late at night, so my brain must not have been working correctly.

Linux can fix a lot of things, but it sure can’t fix sleep deprivation any more than it can broken hardware :wink:

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