Will I receive updates for packages installed with dpkg -i?

Will I receive updates for packages installed with dpkg -i or do I have to manually update every package installed with dpkg -i (Since Qapt doesn’t work for most .deb files…)?

You installed it manually, so you took on the role of providing security fixes yourself.

In order for your system to be able to install updates, you need to provide sources where the updates can be found; a manually installed package installed only that package, so no changes to sources was actually made to allow updates; unless the post-install script actually changed your system (meaning it was a potentially unsafe package you shouldn’t have installed anyway)


First: no Debian packages are automatically updated. You can set this up, but it’s not the default.

Second: if you used dpkg then the provider of the software probably doesn’t offer an option to add their own Debian package repository to your software sources. Because of this, nothing you do with your package management system (including setting up automatic updates) will update the software. You will have to keep checking the provider’s website, download new versions when they come out, and manually install them.


Ok then I will use snaps whenever it is possible.

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