Why LXQT (Lubuntu 19/20) has so stupid multiple locale/keyboard layout support?

  1. a) Lubuntu 19/20 on install with create for user only ONE keyboard layout (when use non-english locale).
    b) terminal [tty] configured only ONE keyboard loc (without english keyboard, I can’t even login AND USE COMMANDS, it’s so hyllarious). Why I need by myself run dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration EVERY new Lubuntu install (while I make clean install 4 times every year minium and use livecd minimum 1 per month, of course, with my regional locale). Every Lubuntu with lxde make it AUTOMATICALLY (also every Ubuntu server)
  2. See https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/cant-change-keyboard-locale-on-logon-screen-with-lxqt-lubuntu-19-04-19-10-and-20-04/ (facepalm)
  3. PCManFM-qt use stupid function from old KDE file manager - regional file name show FIRST. It’s very uncomfortable for programmist. And not only. It’s common issue of DE programs creators, that think, that file with regional names should be show first, how people wants - it’s wrong! (even MS Wondows uses “default” - files with english names are the first). “Original” PCManFM uses “right” default". (Btw, do I need create separate issue about it on githib page / another thread of PCManFM-qt?).

So… I think that codebase of lxqt has root problema:

  1. less priority for multiple locales (very less as lxde)
  2. keyboard layout/locale “showing” mechanism has bugs or has “new” wrong decisions

And my question: WHY (why STILL: Lubuntu 19.10 - ok, but 20.04 - it’s LTS)? Even KDE (also with qt) works great with multiple locale/layout

P.s.: @wxl, sorry for “ping”, but I think this multiple things are critical for Lubuntu 20.04 as it’s LTS version (because 20.04.1 will be released soon, and it will be time to “upgrade” all Lubuntu 18.04 (with clean install), but this things stop me.

P.s.s: I love lqxt for it style and some other things, but barelly hate for this few things

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