Which version to install on a weak computer?

I didn’t understand your intention. Do you mean I’ll use a system without a GUI? This is not an option for me, I need a graphical interface.

Yes, this is the computer I have

TineCore comes with a GUI. Granted it might not look as pretty as modern DEs, but I have used TinyCore before on legacy systems and it does in fact come with a GUI. You can always put it on a USB first to try it out.

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Can you send me a link? I would love to try it

Homepage of Tiny Core: click
Wikipedia about Tiny Core: click


Update: I installed Lubunto 22.04.4 LTS and it really doesn’t work on my computer. I also performed a SWAP memory increase according to the wonderful advice of @guiverc but it did not help. Lubuntu is definitely not suitable for my computer… The changes made since Lubuntu 18 until now are probably very significant and now Lubuntu no longer fits my computer. My friend advised me to try Linux MATE, I will install and update

Thank you very much I will try it. Hope it won’t be too complicated for me. In addition I will try Linux MATE and update

Perhaps you would like to have a look at this comparison of lightweight distributions.


Wow really amazing! Thank you very much! It is also interesting that Linux MATE is mentioned as an option. I will try and update

The article cited was written in 2022. Some of the OS mentioned as supporting 32 bit processors do not in fact support them. None of the Ubuntu “flavors” or the Linux Mint versions currently support 32 bit processors.

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Thanks, but there is nothing to worry.
Jeely’s notebook is capable of 64-bit computing as you can see in its specifications (post 20).

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Just install lubuntu 24 with only the minimal installation. Or install debian.


Ok so I update that I have installed MATE and it is currently working great! I even succeeded to open some tags in chrome and it works! And another small surprise: I wanted to increase its SWAP memory and I found out that it has 3G by default! So I didn’t even have to increase!
I thank everyone who answered me here and helped me. It greatly expanded my knowledge, especially since I am not a “computer person”…
I will try it now for a few days and if I have any updates I will update. By the way, I’m interested in the explanation for the fact that MATE works better on this computer than Lbuntu. Maybe what I understood is that they work with GNOME 2?

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I did not see in the installation that there was an option for a minimal installation, so I installed as usual and in addition increased the SWAP memory and the computer still worked very slowly even though it was a new installation

Minimal installation is available in 24.04 but not in 22.04 what you had installed.
The choice is located at the step
Customize → What apps would you like to start with?
of the installation of 24.04:

(This picture is taken from the Lubuntu manual.)