Which Lubuntu To Download?

I want to try Lubuntu but not sure which one to download?

https://lubuntu.me or https://lubuntu.net

What is the difference? Thanks

The official page of the project is lubuntu.me, the other is outside of lubuntu.


If I open the .net in firefox I get warnings.

uBlock Origin has prevented the following page from loading:
Because of the following filter:
Found in:
* [uBlock filters – Badware risks](moz-extension://9f298d13-fe00-47b2-876e-01475d5817c3/asset-viewer.html?url=ublock-badware)

One is a site related to the Lubuntu project, the other isn’t.

If you want to check on sites for Ubuntu flavors, just go to Ubuntu and look there, it will take you to official sites



Huh. That’s interesting coz I can view the .net website with no warning. But I did try the link you provided and it brought me back here and DistroWatch directs to .me website as well.

Downloading now to try. Thanks


Lubuntu has no affiliation with the Lubuntu.[net] site, the same applies with the Ubuntu project too.

The owner of that site won’t change name, nor give up ownership,

If you note, the warning was from an extension I have added to my firefox… the warning requires that I accept the risks & continue; suggesting instead I backout to safety. If you’re using firefox, you just don’t have a protection type extension that checks sites & warns before going there.

I’m not aware of anything malicious coming from that site, however it is not affiliated with the Lubuntu project. The owner of the site was a fan of Lubuntu though in the past.


Nothing malicious, but nothing good too.

The named site lured me into their download section already in 2019. Seems nothing has changed. Old stuff. Not maintained in any way. Just stay away from it.

Nothing malicious, but I do not understand why the owner does not just bail out. Perhaps there has been some feud between Lubuntu project members in the past, and the site owner is still very pissed?

After some site checking, it is really amazing that the forum is still actively in use. I don’t bother about that :slight_smile: In fact, it seems guiverc doesn’t either :grinning:

Let’s say… all for the greater good :slight_smile:


Ubuntu Forums is an official Ubuntu site; I have no problems with that site at all.

Any links to Lubuntu sites found on Ubuntu Forums are correct.


Aah, I did not look into it with great detail. It just trickled me a bit.

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