Where is the Raspberry Pi version?

Today, I’ve gone to the download section to download the LTS and I didn’t saw the Raspberry Pi versions promoted in the home. Where is the ISO? Is only to know. I wanted to download the desktop version.

What site are you talking about?

Is it https://lubuntu.me/downloads/ ?

It doesn’t offer images for the raspberry pi as no official images exist.

You can start with the Ubuntu Server image, and add your flavor desktop to it using Desktopify.

I don’t have a suitable pi to test it, and issue(s) have been reported with sddm as used by both Lubuntu & Kubuntu (https://github.com/wimpysworld/desktopify/issues/19#issuecomment-636999100) so that may need swapping out (my most recent swap was sddm with xdm on a new groovy build, however that was adm64 not armv7/am64)

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It was just brought to my attention that


does mention “Install it everywhere” specifically mentioning Raspberry Pi & PowerPC.

Lubuntu is offered in many ISOs for several computers, like standard PC, laptops, Raspberry Pi, PowerPC, etc.

We’ll have to update that.

If that is what is what lead to this question, I apologize as I didn’t see that before I posted.

(We dropped support for PowerPC when 16.04 reached EOL…)

Thanks @leok


Hi, first post and new Lubuntu user.

I too initially went looking for the Raspberry Pi pacific build, but I then used Desktopify to install Lubuntu onto a 20.04 server image. Initially I tried modifying Desktopify to reference groovy, but gives the sddm errors reference, when run against a 20.10 server image.

I been loading several of the flavours to test on the both of my Raspberry Pi 4Bs. Lubuntu provides by far the best performance and overall is a very good user experience.

Are there plans to make a Raspberry Pi image?

Ideally I want to run an Ubuntu 20.10 build to benefit from support for SSD boot. If an approved image will not be available, can anyone recommend the best manual approach. Happy to assist with any testing etc.



There really are no plans anywhere in the confines of the official Ubuntu project to make Pi desktop images. There was a community effort to provide images, which we were involved with, but that whole effort has diminished.

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I notice that Ubuntu 20.10 now supports Raspberry Pi 4. Does this change the trajectory of Lubuntu in any way?

There’s is an “Ubuntu Desktop for Raspberry Pi” but you won’t find it in the normal downloads. Instead, they’ve got it hidden with Pi server downloads. It’s almost as if it’s a completely different product from Ubuntu itself, which it kind of is.

Anyways, there’s a thread on the Ubuntu Discourse asking for feedback and I’ve left several comments about how flavors can participate and there was no response.


I see that and appreciate your persistence. Hopefully a response will come.

On the latest episode of the Ubuntu Podcast S13E33 Martin Wimpress says that they are currently working on instructions, and these will available to interested flavours within the next month.

Hopefully it will be possible to keep to this timeline as in many ways Lubuntu sits in the sweet spot of functionality and performance for the RPi


For that matter, “instructions” have existed for a long time: install Ubuntu Server for the Pi and install the flavor metapackage (lubuntu-desktop in our case). Still, you have to hunt to find those instructions, leading many folks to believe there is no solution (ahem).

That said, ya’ll should go over to that thread and make some noise.

Will do and expect to run a few tests on the new Pi 4 in the next few days. Will post my results both here and there…


I installed Hippo Ubuntu server 21.04 on my Rasp Pi 4 8GB and continued on and installed Lubuntu desktop as a test.

On rebooting logged into the Lubuntu desktop and all went well as expected. Messed around a bit with my LAN shares and tested printing and LibreOffice writer plus several other apps.
I intend to also do some testing (playing) with the 20.10 releases.


Also left a comment on the Ubuntu discourse thread ….