Where is the file location of the wake up suspend screen on Lubuntu 20.04?

Hello, recently I’ve been playing around with Lubuntu 20.04 and want to make a customization on the wake up screen after I suspend the PC.

Where is the location of those files and Can I modify that?


You have pasted a picture of the xscreensaver login page.

As I recall, the author of the program does not like users making changes to the program (especially replacing their logo which is the picture on that screen)

The files in the package can be viewed at Ubuntu – File list of package xscreensaver/focal/amd64

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Thank you very much for the information, I don’t really like the current style wake up screen that’s not matching with the theme.

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I can appreciate that…

I’m not a fan of the xscreensaver either… But I do understand the developer wanting to keep their own logo on their own program…

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I’ll just add one thing here: changing that logo requires recompiling the entire software package. So yeah, don’t bother. Let the author have their logo.