Where is best to report bugs?

Is it best for me to report bugs here, or in launchpad? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-meta?

Please have a look at our wiki.

Thanks, forgive me, but I am a bit confused as how I go about saying its affecting Lubuntu, if its already on launchpad. I recently did a fresh install of Lubuntu LTS 18.04.3 (LXDE), and both the installer (live ISO) and once installed have this issue (even after updating).

I guess I need to learn to use launchpad, but I found these which seem to be the same issue.

On launchpad, a bug is normally linked to a package (or several packages). If the package is maintained by Lubuntu, then we will see it and can try to fix it.

The bug reports describe a problem with udisks2 and/or libblockdev-crypto2, both packages are in the main repository and are maintained by Canonical.

If you have the same problem and you install libblockdev-crypto2, you should resolve your problem:

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade && sudo apt install libblockdev-crypto2

If you are looking for support, please describe your problem, indicating

  • The steps to reproduce the bug
  • The expected behaviour
  • The current behaviour

Yeah no I meant I did have that issue, but its solved with the solutions in the bug reports.
I just wanted to make a bug report for Lubuntu, but I think I understand.

The bug is an issue with the packages not Lubuntu? The thing is I encountered the bug/issue on a fresh install and after updates, I had to manually install libblockdev-crypto2 to fix it.

So I just thought I would bring it to the Lubuntu teams attention.
But I have never submitted an official bug report before, so was not sure how to go about it.

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