Where has all the clarity gone?

There I was happily using Lubuntu on my 32 inch monitor with great clarity (well apart from all the screen tearing that is).
Did an upgrade and thought that I needed to put my reading glasses on, but then realised that I was still wearing them. The greyscale antialiasing option had been removed.

Just about everytime blurry fonts has come up on any forum I have seen the answer has turned out to be use greyscale. Oh well I suppose that I can still make out what I am typing. I think!

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Ha! I’m a “David, never Dave.” That’s not important, however.

While I don’t have an answer for you, I can say that the people with the answer are possibly going to need more information. I’ve yet to encounter your problem, so am of no help with that specifically. They’re probably going to need:

What hardware are you working with?

Which version of Lubuntu are you using?

And, possibly what have you tried beyond reading some forum posts?


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