What is the best way to connect to a NAS?

I am trying to connect to my NAS using a laptop with lubuntu.
I have enabled NFS on my NAS.
I have installed NFS on the lubuntu laptop.
It is recognising the NAS because I can see a directory for it with a sub-directory called ‘print’.
I think I need to mount the NAS but I can’t figure out how.
I installed Samba but it isn’t working and I couldn’t get it to work so I took it off again.
I have tried various things that google has turned up but I’m getting nowhere.
I’ve never used Linux before so I’m just fumbling in the dark really and any help would be appreciated.
The end result, hopefully, is to set up a plex server.

Providing more details about your NAS device(s) may help (including your release of Lubuntu).

I have three types of NAS devices (two brands), two of which claim to provide NFS but I gave up trying to get them to work; using instead SaMBa as all three types of devices had that & I found that easy (plus some media players I have didn’t have NFS).

My devices are all old, and the security fallout because of the WannaCry problems was significant. WannaCry only infected windows, but fixes to repair windows implementations meant Ubuntu (and GNU/Linux) had to change too so as to remain compatible. Thus the mount commands I have to use now, differ from those before WannaCry. Further the age of your NAS devices, plus of your Lubuntu does matter with SaMBa (esp. in relation to WannaCry).

Personally I prefer NFS, and use it for all my real network storage, but I relegated my old NAS devices to backups & some media serving roles (SaMBa is easier to some media players)

My Nas is Zyxel NSA310
My version number is 18.04.3 LTS


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