What is php version?

hi guys im php laravel developer and my lap top ram is low too use ubuntu i had to use lubuntu but i wanna know

  1. what is the stable apt php version for lubuntu 22.04 LTS? not ppa !
  2. how much is 22.04 boot up ram usage?

Lubuntu, along with all flavors of Ubuntu, are built from the same Ubuntu repositories as the main Ubuntu products, so they are the same package versions as Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (be it server, desktop etc). The Lubuntu seeds just cause different packages to be used; so use the same tools; ie. CLI quieries or https://packages.ubuntu.com/

If you want to know RAM usage; why not boot it up live, have it running with what you’ll use it for & look yourself? Lubuntu like all flavors allow this just as main Ubuntu does - Try Ubuntu before you install it | Ubuntu (applies to Lubuntu too).

I personally use devices with 1GB of RAM, but the desktop itself is only one part of RAM requirements, as if the desktop & it’s requirements (dependencies etc) don’t match the applications the user will run, then app choice will waste RAM which is a user-decision - at least that’s how I see it. My devices with 1GB of RAM have more than a single desktop installed; as I have enough disk space for multiple; and I consider only what will share my most limited resource - which is RAM where only 1GB is available when I select the session at login.

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