What information is being tracked

Good morning Lubuntu Discourse.
No I haven’t kicked Lubuntu 22.04 to the curb yet and probably won’t.
So that being the case I’m curious to know exactly what this means and exactly what Snap is tracking.

lubuntu@lubuntu:~$ snap list
Name               Version          Rev    Tracking         Publisher   Notes
bare               1.0              5      latest/stable    canonical✓  base
core20             20220329         1434   latest/stable    canonical✓  base
firefox            100.0.1-1        1351   latest/stable/…  mozilla✓    -
gnome-3-38-2004    0+git.1f9014a    99     latest/stable/…  canonical✓  -
gtk-common-themes  0.1-79-ga83e90c  1534   latest/stable/…  canonical✓  -
snapd              2.55.3           15534  latest/stable    canonical✓  snapd

I know there’s some Linux geniuses who can answer this.



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Brief reply from a non-genius -

  1. Tracks enable snap developers to publish multiple supported releases of their application under the same snap name
  2. All snaps have a default track. Without the snap developer specifying otherwise, the default track is called latest.
  3. There are four risk-levels: stable, candidate, beta and edge. Installing from a less stable risk-level will typically mean more frequent updates.

To learn more about snaps visit Snap -

Hope this helps


Hello leok,

Thanks for the reply and information and will have a look at the link you posted.

For a non genius you know more than I know about Snaps so you have some genius in you that I don’t.

Thanks again.


Wow quite a bit to learn about Snaps that I hadn’t realized so I’ve some learning to do.