What does XF86 and XF86Suspend mean?

Dear All,
As I wanted to configure my OS, I found that for instance ctrl + alt + T brings the Terminal. OK.
But I also found that XF86Suspend brings the standby.
Please which keys are designated by “XF86Suspend”?

If it shows up inside
Preferences > LXQT Settings > Shortcut Keys,
then it is a special key on your keyboard. If your keyboard
doesn’t have it, it probably won’t show.

XF86… keys were put in by XFree86 and also adopted by Xorg, though Xorg said that they won’t be extending them.


Thank you humpty, so please, do you have a key on your keyboard where XF86 or XFree86 is written on?

I do. Some obvious ones such as XF86AudioMute which has it’s own individual button.

And some unmarked, again called XF86AudioMute but in italics and does the same thing, which I found out is Fn-F7.

And some unmarked that I can’t even find such XF86Calculator.
So I’m guessing, either I haven’t hit the right combination, or the keyboard uses a chip that supports it but did not implement it on it’s layout.

Thank you humpty. :yum: :blush: :blush: :blush:

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