What are the performance impact of Snaps

Snaps are known to cause delays in booting the system, as the snaps must be prefetched during boot, snapd consumes ram and all that, I wonder if anyone has measured the impact of snaps on the performance of the distro.

Of course, having only 1 snap won’t make too much of a difference (if at all), but considering is the officially approved way to get up-to-date apps in Lubuntu (apt usually has frozen versions with just some packages receiving security updates during the lifecycle of the release), I wonder if shipping snaps and not Flatpaks is the best solution.

I read that one of the reasons of switching from LXDE to LXQT was to be able to leverage on the resource sharing of Qt5, as less and less apps were being written in GTK2. I find surprising that such a (sane) move was done in order to squeeze a little bit of performance on resource-constrained devices, yet nobody is talking about this particular topic and its potential effect when not just one snap is installed, but several of them indeed.