"Volume group luks not found"

Hi, I installed Lubuntu a few days ago and I’ve noticed that booting takes quite long, and it seems to have at least partly something to do with luks encryption. When installing Lubuntu, I chose to encrypt the entire hard drive, and when Lubuntu boots, it thinks for 10-20 seconds and then shows a “volume group luks not found” error, and continues booting. Should I do something about it?


Did you install Lubuntu 21.10 or 20.04?

From what you’ve mentioned, you can still boot successfully but you see the error message come up on the screen before logging in?

Unless you did something by manually changing the system defaults, I’m not sure why that would show up.

Have you perhaps installed a different Linux distro before on this device/PC?

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

Lubuntu 21.10. Macbook Air 2017.

I can boot successfully but I see the error message come up on screen before logging in.

Volume group “luks” not found
Cannot process volume group luks
cryptsetup: luks-[a long id goes here]: set up successfully

This luks and a process that I think is called systemfdkill.service, they both ‘think’ for quite a long time before I get to the desktop.

The whole boot into a usable desktop takes about 1 minute 20 seconds. Well, I’m not complaining but still a bit curious why it gets stuck there at luks for about 20 seconds.

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Oh and no, there’s never been any Linux distro on the computer before.

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