Using the Taskbar in Lubuntu 21.10

How to pin an app or map to the taskbar in Lubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri)

Have you looked in the manual?, ie. look up quicklaunch bar on the following page

Thx Guiverc. I did already read the manual, but I didn’t see an answer. The taskbar shows as default to the left in succession the 4 numbers of the panels (to switch), the PCManFM, Firefox and the active panel icons as well the icon(s) of the active (opened) app(s). I wonder how to extend the default apps (PCManFM and Firefox) with other apps (for instance Libre Office, Writer) for a quick start from the taskbar. In MS Windows it is possible tot pin any app or map to the taskbar for a quick launch by the left mouse click. Is this also an option in Lubuntu or not? For the rest I am very happy with Lubuntu and I recently changed from Linux Mint to Lubuntu.

The manual says (to find it on the page; search for “quickla”)

The quick launch bar allows you to conveniently launch your file manager (PCManFM-qt) and web browser (Firefox) by left clicking on the program. If you right click on the icons in quick launch on something like Firefox will have items for each program. To add a program to quick launch open the menu and find it there and drag it down onto the panel. To move an item on your quick launch to the left right click the icon and select Move left or press Control and drag the icon to the left. To move an item to the left right click the icon and select Move right or press Control and drag the icon to the right. Another way to reorder items on quicklaunch is to hold Control and drag and drop to the desired position. To remove an item from quick launch right click on the icon and select Remove from quicklaunch. To show your desktop press the blue show desktop button between quick launch and the taskbar. To see all your windows again press the blue show desktop button again.

To reword what the manual says, navigate through the menu till you find what you want, eg. I’ll pick featherpad; so I go to accessories & then drag the featherpad item from the menu to my panel. The pointer changes to a RED CROSS whilst dragging when over places I cannot drop it. When it’s over my QuickLaunch area though it changes to a GREEN + so I drop it. It’ll get placed at the end of the items already there which is fine, I right-click & order them as I want them, and I’m done.

Try again & see if this helps.


Your reply was very helpful. My problem was solved. Again, thank you very much for your quick and helpful response. Many greetings


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