Using the calamares-installer

Hi altogether,

I´ve got a question regarding the use of calamares-installer.

My system is Linux/Lubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, 64 bit (bionic beaver).
Before that I was using 16.04 (xenial xerus).

My setup is the following:
3 partitions:

  • root: 25 GB
  • home: 38 GB
  • data-partition: 107 GB

When transferring my system from xenial to bionic I did a clean install for the root- and home-partition. But I left the third one (data-partition) untouched, i.e. I did´t format that one in order to keep the data stored on it.

All went well and the new installation resulted in a perfectly usable new system.
But at the time the ubiqity-installer was the default one.

Now there´s the calamares-installer. Before venturing to use that one for the transition to focal fossa I´d like to ask here if it works the same.

So I think there´s one option called “manual partitioning” under “partitions”.
Is this option equivalent to the “something else”-option in ubiquity? And can it be used the same way?

Thanks so much in advance.


Manual partitioning means exactly like what it sounds: you define the partitioning scheme.

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Ok, I am sure that it is the same. But before you go, I suggest you read the lubuntu manual section regarding the manual partitioning first to check if you are looking for it.


Yes they are equivalent.

Something-else referred to that page of the ubiquity installer page, that you wanted something else and not the prior options, ie. to do the partitioning yourself manually.

Manual partitioning describes what you want to do; do it yourself (ie. something different to the options listed).

Two different ways of describing the options, “something else” had to be understood in the context of that page, “manual partitioning” can be understood even if you cannot read the page as it describes what you will do.

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Thanks for the confirmation. I thought so as well but just wanted to make sure.


Thanks for the link. I read it through and it really looks like I can use the calamares-installer in the already known way.


Thanks for your detailed explanation. So I can use calamares with confidence now.


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