Using Lubuntu for small-medium business

I am looking to use Lubuntu for an OS for my company. Is there anyway we could create a custom image for the end user and be able to control it from an Admin account, like with Windows Directory or anything? Thank you!

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At my workplace, we take default images, install them on some machine, tweak it the way we like, and use CloneZilla to make a clone of the entire disk, then deploy that on whatever machines we want. Theoretically, that could be done via a virtual machine, too, though I’ve never bothered to do it.

With regards to “control,” you could simply ensure that there’s an admin account that has sudo access and remove that same access from the default user account.


Thank you!! I will look into that.

Do you think we could build a PXE image? INstall it on a central controller, and launch it when it connects to our domain/network?

You could, but for newer versions, it’s going to take you a lot of effort.

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Thank you for all of your help!! We only need Google Chrome on the desktop. PXE is a little out of our league right now. Once again, I can’t put into words how much I appreciate it.

You could do this all via ssh, I might add. And if you scripted it right, you could easily run off of a list of IPs, so you could do a whole network rather quickly.

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