USB installation question

I want to put Lubuntu on a 30Gb USB stick.
What size do I make ‘/’ partition?

Sorry, I’m not sure how to answer that question.

You’ve not mentioned any release details; and also not given any clue as to how the system will be used which will dictate a correct answer. These things include

  • what applications (if any) you’ll add to your clean install
  • what package type the additional software will be, ie. will it have it’s own requirements as part of the package, or it’ll share resources with other apps
  • how often you’ll perform upgrades (daily? twice daily? weekly? monthly? as you need more space if you do it less often)
  • and more

is what I’d use to decide how much space I’d allocate.

I’ve QA-tested installs often with 10-12GB for “/” and the install is great. Those installs however would not be usable with how I use my system though, but may suit your usage, but the space can vary on unstated release.

I would allocate all 30GB for a single partition install (or two partitions if you’re needing ESP [uEFI System Partition] as well; you gave few details).


I have another kind of question: Do you intend to use the Lubuntu system on the USB stick in one single computer, or in many computers? In other words, is it important that the system will be portable between different computers?


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