Upgraded to 21.04 - LXQt icons missing

Hi all,
I upgraded my 20.04 installation to 21.04 last night via this command - sudo do-release-upgrade
It led to a prompt to upgrade which I agreed to. A couple of hours later the upgrade had completed but I found that most of the icons on LXQt were missing, including the quick shortcuts of the taskbar. They are ‘still there’ and clickable but invisible.
I am a real Lubuntu (and Linux) noob and wondered if there is anything relatively simple I can do to solve this.


Prior to doing the release upgrade, did you do a general update for the packages in your system?

That is surely a weird glitch there though.

Please provide the complete outputs of:

find ~/.config ! -user $USER
sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Did you add a new theme?

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Thanks for replying. I did the general update first.
However, I fixed it!
Turns out ‘override icon theme’ was checked in the panel configuration (right click the ‘start’ button).
Soon as I unchecked that the icons reappeared.
I guess the option must have been selected prior to the upgrade - I have been doing lots of exploring of the various appearance options. Didn’t make the icons disappear before though).

Anyway, all sorted and fixed now!


Thanks for sharing the fix! Enjoy! :grinning:

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