Update notifier popup not working?

About a week ago I installed over my previous 20.04 LTS version of Lubuntu to the latest 22.04.1. Everything is working very well except I’ve yet to see the Update notifier.

I used ‘sudo apt update/ apt upgrade’ after finishing my install which worked except I had some packages held back. I then did sudo apt install --only-upgrade libnss-systemd libpam-systemd libspeechd2 libsystemd0 libudev1 systemd systemd-sysv systemd-timesyncd udev and all was fine again.

After a few days I checked ‘sudo apt update’ and there were updates available but I wondered why the update-notifier hadn’t started?

Is there a way to check its working ok?

As for why the update notifier isn’t appearing, I’m not exactly sure. As for the held-back packages, though, you probably shouldn’t force them to upgrade. It’s normal for some packages to be held back in Ubuntu 22.04, as a result of phased updates. I wrote an explanation of what’s happening and why, here: apt - What are phased updates, and why does Ubuntu use them? - Ask Ubuntu


Thanks for the info on held-back packages I didn’t know about phased updates and will leave them be in future.


It’s normal for update-notifier to ignore held (kept-back) packages.

(There’s an old bug (2006-2015) with aptitude that had an ‘opposite’ effect, i.e that it was not updating the dpkg database properly with it’s held packages, and update-manager/update-notifier got blamed with constant messages of held packages that it should have ignored.)

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Good news! It popped up today… Previous updates were strangely ignored but I feel happy that its back like an old friend returning from the wilderness.

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