Unable to turn on Wifi card

I had launched the “Software Properties” and switched to the “Additional Drivers” tab. After finding the wifi card, I had clicked the "Using () wireless driver source from (), I receive a following error message:

pk-client-error-quark: could not do media change question as no klass support(8)

After coping the necessary files, I attempted (successfully) run the modprobe command, but it it didn’t helped at all and the Wifi connection applet icon didn’t appeared. I had downloaded the package installers thru a LiveUSB and will attempt to install them to see if it helps

Have you taken a look at this thread about installing wi-fi drivers (dating from July-September 2020)? It offers a pretty good range of potentially relevant advice, although I realise it might not help with your particular issue.

Yes, I did, but I wasn’t able to install it this way because Wifi is my only internet connection

Obviously you’re using the Internet to connect to this forum, so use whatever device you’re doing that on to grab the required packages and use dpkg to install them. I’d give you more specific help, but I don’t know what card you have.

I use a liveUSB to connect the forum, but after installing the system on the hard disk and running it from it, the wifi driver can’t become activated in the same way as I did it on the liveUSB system

Right, I get that. The solution is to download the drivers and install them manually. That means you manually download a deb package and use dpkg to install it, which is NOT the normal way you do such things.

I already tried it, but something makes me think that something is wrong with the installer because after installation I had discovered that many required packages (with are “installed” on the liveUSB) aren’t installed on the disk, with makes hard to install the driver and I would need to download all the packages manually (with is connected with multiple computer restarts)

Nothing on the live system is guaranteed to be on the installed system. For example, do you see the installer? They’re two different things. I think you’re missing what I’m saying:

  1. Boot to the live system
  2. Use the live system to download the drivers (i.e. use Firefox)
  3. Put that package somewhere you can access it later, most likely another USB
  4. Boot to the installed system
  5. Access the file
  6. Install the package

I’m doing that, but doing it manually is too much work because on the installed on the hard disk system are missing packages from with the driver installers are dependent and when I download the required packages, I’m getting same issue that their dependencies aren’t meet (some one may be missing from them). This way I would need to download a loot of packages to meet all dependencies of all packages, with may give a total size with would extend the free size of the USB stick.

Maybe a much easier solution would be to go to your wifi router, get out an Ethernet cord, plug in, and just do things like normal?

I have one but need to fix it before (it has blocked itself and need to be reset thru a service access ports on the mainboard

Well, there are USB adapters.

Unfortunately, I can’t afford myself any :frowning:

There’s some really cheap ones on Amazon for less than $10 and even brand name ones can be had for about that much.

I mean the alternative is all this hacking around (downloading a whole hoard of dependencies, fixing your broken Ethernet, etc.) which costs something, too: time.

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Is this still a problem?

it’s strange but it has fixed itself after re-downloading the latest lubuntu 20.10 iso, replace with it the one on liveUSB, re-run from it lubuntu and doing a fresh install


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Just FYI, that’s not weird at all. Download/copy errors are common.

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