Unable to complete installation

I decided to install Lubuntu 32 bit on my PC.
(1 GB RAM, 150 GB HDD, AMD Sempron 2800+).
I decided to install Lubuntu 32 bit on my PC.
(1 GB RAM, 150 GB HDD, AMD Sempron 2800+).
So far, I’ve used Windows 7 32 bit here.
I got to the welcome screen.
But when I click on install lubuntu, a command prompt / terminal opens.
PC writes: BusyBox v1.27.2 (Ubuntu 1: 1.27.2-2ubuntu3.2) built-in shell (ash) Enter ´help´ for a list of built-in commands.
Please advise how to solve it and thank you.

It’s best if you provide release details, but a quick scan of the busybox tells me it’s Lubuntu 18.04 media (a .2, .3 maybe; I didn’t look that up).

Verify your ISO after download

An example of how can be found in the Lubuntu manual, however you’ll need to compare the checksum with the one appropriate for your install media

Validating your write to installation Media

Assuming your ISO validates, I’d next check the write to your install media using the “Check disc for defects” option. The option can be seen in this page of the manual, first screen picture (it’ll look slightly differently as that’s a later release than 18.04).

If you can’t boot or verify the installation media on your box, I’d try doing it on another box. If you can’t run “Check disc for defects” on two boxes; I’d assume it’s a bad write & return to writing your installation media (refer to the manual for how)

Some details of your video card are next what I’d explore. Normally I use the command

sudo lshw -C video

which lists hardware of class video, but you won’t be able to run that until you can boot your installation media, so I’d verify your ISO & validate the write to installation media firstly.

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