Two users with 22.04

I have two computers running Lubuntu 22.04 - desktop and laptop. Each has this same problem. I would like to have two users logged in using default desktop manager by picking “lock screen” while I’m in one session, and from the password prompt on the lock screen, the “New Login” button. I get a message in both cases “xscreensaver: could not execute gdmflexiserver - no such file or directory”

I created a virtual machine, installed Lubuntu 22.04 and I get the same behavior. I put in a regular Ubuntu 22.04 virtual machine, and I can use two accounts like I expect.

So - uh - I guess there’s something messed up with the sddm display manager? I can install gdm3 (for Debian) and login to the two accounts, but I really don’t want that display manager! Yes, I’d like to know how to fix this problem within sddm, but I’d also like to report to the development team that “default install” behavior generates this problem.



Further info? On the virtual machine, I installed gdm3 (ugh!), then reconfigured to use sddm. Now the error message is

“Unable to create transient display” and a long string of “no server configured to …”


Interesting, sounds like a bug. I’ll try to reproduce it and see what happens.

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